Movie Lover – The World’s End

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August 26, 2013 by rachelcmann

As I’ve mentioned, I’m really excited for this movie. These guys are original and hilarious. What more can I ask for? So, I took myself to see the movie and I’m so glad I did. I laughed out loud so much during this film, luckily everyone else was laughing along with me! I fall in love with Martin Freeman more and more every time I see him, as a character or as himself, and he is perfection in this film. A lot of the typical folks you see in the Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg movies are there, including Pegg himself, looking and acting like a total twat. He is the center of his universe and pretty oblivious to those around him.

So King (Pegg) gathers up his four best friends from high school (or what amounts to high school in England) to repeat and finish an epic pub crawl they failed to complete 20 years ago. No one wants to and no one really likes him. But he’s got one of those personalities where you forgive them for being a**holes and just write it off. Somehow each of the four find themselves agreeing to participate in this charade.

Welcome back to a tiny town with 12 pubs that have been “Starbucked” and are practically identical (way to save on locations!). A few pints in and things start to go wrong. Very, very wrong. I won’t spoil it, but the movie is hilarious. And a more than a little bit surprising. There are bits that are intended for fans of the other films (Cornetto and fence jumping among them) and there are moments that are entirely fresh and hysterical. I can’t wait to watch it again!


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