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August 24, 2013 by rachelcmann

English: The logo for the American television ...

English: The logo for the American television series Franklin & Bash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Man this show had a short season (10 episodes)! Which is really too bad because I really like the show, I want more! Franklin & Bash is about bros who are lawyers who do things out of the box. Shocking log line I know. On paper it sounds formulaic and predictable (okay, maybe that was redundant). But here’s the thing about this show, the chemistry between Mark Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer is amazing. (Seriously, I wish I had that much chemistry with anyone). Add in Malcolm McDowell and Reed Diamond and well, you’ve got a great show.


Yes, the situations are ridiculous. Yes, it’s sometimes a bit predictable. Yes, they added in Heather Locklear this season and she’s about as entertaining as a lamppost, but whatever. A season long arc about Rob Lowe as the next door neighbor with a last minute cameo by the silver tongued fox himself? Yes and yes and yes!


I can’t say a whole lot about the plot because every week the boys are court performing some outlandish trick to win over the jury, irritate the judge and ultimately make the save. There are some character arcs, small ones, and some running jokes. There are some fun cameos and silly side stories. What can I say, the show makes me laugh. I look forward to the antics and banter. For me, this show is pure entertainment, and I’ll take all I can get.




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