Movie Lover – Hot Fuzz


August 21, 2013 by rachelcmann

Cover of "Hot Fuzz (Ultimate Edition) [Bl...

Cover of Hot Fuzz (Ultimate Edition) [Blu-ray]

Before The World’s End comes out (soon right? I can’t wait!) I wanted to see the second in what’s become known as Edgar Wright‘s Cornetto trilogy. (1. Shaun of the Dead, 2. Hot Fuzz, 3. The World’s End) The three films have next to nothing to do with one another, but Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have talked about the little Easter Egg things they’ve ended up including as a thank you to the fans.

This movie is absurd. That’s the best word I can come up with and I don’t mean it in a negative way at all. I guess in a way I was expecting a sci-fi element (there isn’t one) so a part of my kept waiting for the payoff of something crazier than a relatively plausible human bad guy.

I enjoy the sense of humor that films from this team share, it’s very…non-threatening. They aren’t out to hurt anyone with their jokes and I don’t think that’s true of a lot of writing these days. Yes, they’re poking fun at some stereotypes in Hot Fuzz including but not limited to; small hamlets in the British countryside, police officers, nepotism, community watch groups and druids. It’s not mean-spirited though and I appreciate that.

I now feel more prepared to experience the epicness of The World’s End. I hope I haven’t set my expectations too high! Is there a movie you’ve anticipated and it’s let you down? Let me know!



3 thoughts on “Movie Lover – Hot Fuzz

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  2. writingbolt says:

    I am skeptical of “The World’s End,” but I loved “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz.” I was leery of “Shaun…” but happily relieved when I saw it. I thought the long shot of Pegg walking the streets to get to the general store was impressive. The ending was a bit weak for me, though. And, the DVD extras didn’t do enough to help. “Hot Fuzz” was the first Pegg movie I saw, and despite the gore (which is what scared me away from “Shaun…” for some time), I really liked it. I laughed so hard at the shootout in the old town with the priest, the shopping cart lady, etc.

    • writingbolt says:

      I’d also recommend “Run, Fat Boy, Run”. “Paul” was okay. I love Kristin Wiig. But, Seth Rogen usually stinks up his movies; and I wasn’t fully fond of his alien “Paul” character in that one. What’s interesting is how juvenile, gross and vulgar Pegg and his pals can be off set while keeping their movies fairly clean.

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