Bookworm – July 2013

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August 4, 2013 by rachelcmann

Cover of "The Mote in God's Eye"

Cover of The Mote in God’s Eye

Um…this is a super short month…but I have a good reason! I’ve gotten really into The Company series by Kage Baker and will be writing up a seperate post on the series soon. So….

Sky Coyote – Kage Baker – I read Book One of The Company a couple of months ago and had a hell of a time trying to find this book. But it’s sooooo gooooood!! So I promptly bought the whole series on Amazon because screw the library not having the book I want! (See above)

NudgeRichard Thaler & Cass Sunstein – This book mimics The Power of Habit but in that every so slightly different way that makes it a whole other field of study for social scientists. Basically, we humans are highly perceptible to very small cues. I couldn’t finish this before it was due back at the library unfortunately, it sort of lagged there in the middle for me.

The Mote in God’s EyeLarry Niven & Jerry Pournelle – It had already been established that I’m more of a wizards-sci-fi than spaceship-sci-fi kind of gal, but I like to branch out now and again. Also, the quote on the front of my copy from Robert Heinlen (whom I worship) says “Possibly the finest science fiction novel I have ever read.” I mean, come on! This book’s mythology was quite unlike anything I’d read before and although I wasn’t all that in love with the story or the characters it was strangely compelling and I couldn’t put it down. When we have First Contant with ET, what will do? The dissonance between the war like aspects of our nature and the curious scientific side is very interesting indeed.

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