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July 30, 2013 by rachelcmann

I was skeptical of this show. Undercovers living together in a beach house. Intrigue! Spy stuff! Beautiful people not wearing very much clothing!

Admittedly, it took me a few episodes to get into, but now…totally into it!! Especially with the twist last week! Yes, the people are too pretty and the circumstances are ridiculous. I don’t care anymore! I’m totally in love with 99% of the characters. And they got rid of one that I didn’t like, what more could I ask for? Manny Montana is awesome. Vanessa Ferlito is gorgeous. Aaron Tveit is perfection. graceland-467

Sorry, I haven’t really told you anything about the show have I? Okay, so this fresh out of Quantico FBI agent Mike Warren (who is destined to be director) gets sidelined from his path to DC by a surprise assignment. He goes into “Graceland,” a house shared by FBI and DEA and customs agents who are undercover. He doesn’t really know why he’s there and man is he green! But then he gets new orders, he’s actually there to be a double agent and investigate his superior officer Paul Briggs. Briggs is a loose cannon but gets results and the FBI wants to shut him down basically.

Lots of bad guys. Lots of shooting (drugs and bullets) and holy crap I’m so addicted to this show now!

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