Movie Lover – Oz: The Great and Powerful


July 26, 2013 by rachelcmann

Whoa. I’m so glad I saw this in 2D, some of the scenes that were obviously for 3D audiences would have had me upchucking my popcorn. Honestly, at the end of the film I was really underwhelmed and had a lot of nit-picky things about it that I will outline shortly. It’s a feast for the eyes, no doubt, and appreciate the effort but I just couldn’t get on board.

Issue 1: James Franco. I don’t have the vitrial hatred for Franco that some do, but I really didn’t like him in this. Zach Braff would have been great. Ben Mackenzie. James Marsden. Matthre Grey Gubler. Anybody.

Issue 2: Michelle Williams (whom I adore) reprising her role as Marilyn.

Issue 3: The Wicked Witch once she’s green, the makeup and applications were…hard to swallow. Masterfully done but the eyebrows were crazy distracting.

Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Issue 4: When did we wander down the rabbit hole into Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland?

Issue 5: Why does Glinda have one stupid strand of hair in front of her face? Seriously, that was a specific choice they made!

Issue 6: Who decided that Theodora should be a clone of Carmen Sandiego? (Mila Kunis looked gorgeous but I kept waiting her image to move across the map to an a capella ditty)

Issue 7: The aforementioned scenes that were clearly added solely for the benefit of the 3D audiences and had no relevance to anything else.

Okay, I think those are the major ones and I’ve already added like two things since I started this sentence. So yeah, not my favorite thing ever. Sorry guys.


2 thoughts on “Movie Lover – Oz: The Great and Powerful

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  2. Ugh, would have been so much better if it had actually featured Carmen Sandiego. Let’s make that movie, everyone loves a heist flick.

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