Bookworm – June 2013

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July 2, 2013 by rachelcmann

The Power of Habit -Charles Duhigg- This was on my list, and then a coworker recommended it as well and (gasp) I decided to buy it before I had read it (I almost never buy a book I haven’t already read). It’s not as much of a self help book as  you might think. The vast majority of it is in the “science for laypeople” vernacular that I enjoy so much, and it is certainly food for thought. The very tail end of the book offers a few suggestions on how to change any habits you might want to change, and it’s really a different slant on behavior modification than I’ve seen before. If you have bad habits (who doesn’t) or you want to add a good habit (hello treadmill) this book will offer not only the how but the why, which is more compelling in my opinion.

John Dies at the End – David Wong – I’m a big fan of, which is not a secret. This book was written by one of their regular columnists, and I was a little worried at first. Not all of their writers jive with me, which is the point of having a lot of different writers, variety. That said, I really liked this book! It’s odd, no denying it, but it’s also fast paced and totally unusual. But then I tried to watch the movie and I realized I was pretty happy with the visuals my imagination had cooked up. Plus it would be categorized as a humorous horror movie and I just don’t do gory, so no movie for me!

ForbiddenKelley Armstrong – I am so bummed that Kelley Armstrong has completed her Women of the Otherworld series, I do love them so. Forbidden is a little novella she wrote that finally came out in real book form. It’s a super fast read and a nice piece of bonus content for the series. She is starting a new series that I’m excited to read but frankly her previous alternate series never captured me like this one. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Secondhand Spirits – Juliet Blackwell – The spine of this book actually has a little sticker that states “Paranormal Romance” on it, so there’s no mystery about what you’re getting into. This is not Fern Michaels though, or even Marjorie Lu, there is no sex in this book. There is one (yes, only one) kiss. So romance may be stretching it bit there Ms Librarian Sticker Lady. Even so, the book is a nice fluffy beach read about a powerful witch trying to be normal (lol) in San Francisco. The book can get a little technical about witchcraft in spots which struck me as strange more than anything else, but since SF is my home turf I enjoyed the references to different neighborhoods. I may or may not read Book 2, we’ll see.

The CodexDouglas Preston – I honestly couldn’t tell you how this ended up on my Goodreads list but I’m glad it did. In the style of Clive Cussler, this is an archeological murder mystery adventure book. I got really into it for some reason, even though it’s outside my usual reading milieu. (PS- real archeology is hella boring)

Thunderhead – Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child – Since I enjoyed Codex so much I wanted to try something else by the same author. This one starts off a little slower, or maybe I just wasn’t as drawn in by the lead character and I abandoned this book. I’m all for strong independent women types, but they seem to be just that. A type – she didn’t realize how beautiful she was, she had a great career but a lackluster personal life, she had a distant father and/or mother that made her grow up with grit and determination, she’s wicked good with horses, etc. I’m over it.

GulpMary Roach – I’ve enjoyed Mary’s offbeat in depth studies before, and this one was particularly intriguing. WARNING – do not read while eating…it’s not for the faint of stomach. (Is that a phrase? That should be a phrase) Parts of the book are a bit hard to digest (ba dump ching) and go a little slowly, but at the end of the road it’s really interesting. Mary is very funny and makes a squeamish subject easier to handle.

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