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June 18, 2013 by rachelcmann

Meghan Markle and Sarah Rafferty on Suits

Honestly, all I can think about when I watch this show is how fantastic the women’s wardrobes are. Personalized but in the same professional palette. Rachel wears skirts and shirts, simple delicate jewelry, the colors are neutral and light. Her shirts are usually a tad low for what I would consider professional, but it’s TV so whatever. Donna is more often in a sheath dress, with a little more ruffle, showing her softer side. She is not to be messed with, often in dark colors, simple lines but with a flash of skin in back. Jessica is also often in a dress, but hers have sharp creases and she wears power colors. The men wear suits. The End.

Just kidding. Kind of not really.

I like the show. I just finished the season and I sort of feel like we are where we were last year which is to say no where. Once again Mike has revealed his secret and put himself and Harvey in danger. Harvey is still a hot head who can’t fathom that something might not go his way. Everyone is manipulative and secretive and well, shockingly, Louis is growing on me. I don’t really think the show has what it takes to make it more than another season or so, the arc has nearly run it’s course and unless they raise the stakes in a new interesting way (no, I don’t consider a hostile merger interesting) I don’t know how much longer I’ll watch. But in the meantime, can I have the wardrobe crew give me a makeover?

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