Movie Lover – Warm Bodies

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June 15, 2013 by rachelcmann

Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult (Photo credit: quicheisinsane)

I was really excited about this film when I first heard about it. A zombie love story? Cool! The trailers looked fun and I adore the grown up Nicholas Hoult (cast your mind back to About a Boy). Basically we follow “R” who is undead around his terribly boring life. If he weren’t already dead he might die from boredom. One bright spot? The incredibly natural acting that Rob Corddry does through dead eyes. Anyway – “R” meets a girl. Through a series of very strange circumstances they fall for each other. More accurately, she falls for him because he is already into her from basically the moment they meet and he’s eats her boyfriends brains and gets all his memories. Romantic? Then there are some battles, shockingly John Malkovich plays a hardass almost bad guy. Happily Ever After (ish). Cool right?

In reality however the movie doesn’t hold up as well. There are some pretty serious holes in the mythology/plot. I was watching with my friend Jinx and after I said the third or fourth thing that didn’t add up she told me to shut up 🙂 We were only about a half hour in to the film, this is why my friends don’t like watching movies with me, I’m a stickler for continuity.

Warm Bodies is a truly unique take on a very popular genre (or at the very least it’s the first time I’ve come across it). There were some genuinely funny moments where I laughed out loud. I could watch a whole other movie about the best friend Nora (played by ANTM’s Analeigh Tipton – I knew I recognized her!) But at the end of the day, once was enough.

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