Doctor Who – The 12th Doctor


June 6, 2013 by rachelcmann

There’s been a lot of excited chattering in the Who-verse with Matt Smith officially announcing his departure (which I’m oddly not upset about, but I may be a 10th Doctor hold out) and lots of speculation over who the next Doctor will be. Personally I’m hoping for someone a bit older. Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley of Harry Potter) has been thrown at as an option and I think we need to swing in the other direction. Hugh Laurie‘s name was bandied about, and I’m not a big fan of that either although I can’t tell you exactly why, his Doctor would need to be a 100% departure from House and I’m not sure that’s possible.

There’s also a lot of jabbering about the Doctor being woman for a change. I don’t want a woman Doctor. (cue horrified feminist gasp) It just doesn’t have the right feel to it somehow, and there isn’t really an actress that jumps to mind as being perfect for the role.

So who is on my list of 12th Doctor dream casting?

Jamie Bamber, English-American actor. Taken at...

The top spot on this list, hands down, goes to Jamie Bamber (BSG). Not only do I want to see him in a great role again, I think he would nail this part. He does a great balance of humor and drama and although the vast majority of his parts have been serious 99% of the time I think comedy is definitely something he’s capable of. Plus ::swoon::

Simon Pegg would be an interesting choice in my opinion. He’s not known for his swagger, and he’s awkward in an entirely different way than Smith.

In direct opposition to what I said earlier about an older actor, Oliver Kieran-Jones would be nice to drool over. And he’s basically unknown which seems likely for the producers to do. James Murray also falls under this category although he has a larger body of work.

Pretty sure he doesn’t have the time but Richard Armitage (The Hobbit) would be a great choice. Along those lines, I’m pretty sure Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) is busy. But Jack Davenport‘s schedule just opened up with Smash getting cancelled. Also, Chiwetel Ejiofor could be interesting. He’s certainly got a great cheeky smile.

Tim Roth needs a new project right? And I would say Karl Urban but he’s from New Zealand. Britain and her sisters do not lack for talented men who could embody an alien who’s approaching his millennial anniversary. I put my heart in the hands of Steven Moffat et al to choose someone I can grow to love.

But what about you? Who is your top choice for Doctor number 12? And how is going to be involved with the 12th? Or will his time run out in the special? Gah! So many questions!

One thought on “Doctor Who – The 12th Doctor

  1. I agree about not wanting Rupert or Hugh for the reasons your stated. I also am not really sad about Matt Smith leaving and am also a huge huge David Tennant as Doctor fan 🙂 My husband and I recently discovered Doctor Who and I blogged about my new love this morning!

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