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May 17, 2013 by rachelcmann

So remember when I said I don’t watch a lot of reality TV? I wasn’t lying, but So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) is among my favorites.* I’ve been a fan since season 1, and although (hypothetically) singing is a similar talent, dancing is just SO MUCH MORE! Even better, some of those early contestants are back in a new capacity, choreographing pieces for the new kids on the block and I love seeing that career growth.**

Anyway! Now in it’s 10th (!!) season, they’ve changed the format a little bit but for the most part the show is still solid muscle and talent. These are professional dancers doing incredible things with their bodies that move me to tears on a weekly basis. I could not care less*** about the audition filler episodes, get me to the top 10 (or however many this season) and get me some real movement.

I have so much respect and admiration for these athletes. I simply marvel at their ability and think wistfully upon the time when I took a jazz class at age 7. For them, that class turned them into something larger than themselves, turned them into artists and creators and athletes. I found my spark in other places but oh, how I wish I could move like that.

If dancing isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine. There are a couple of numbers every season (usually big group numbers) that I watch and say to the aether “This is why people hate modern dance” because they are obscure and awkward and not very good. But don’t let that keep you from checking it out. There are also ballroom and hip hop and other dance styles, my favorites tend to be the modern dance pieces. But that’s just me. Here are some of my favorite numbers to whet your appetite.

Ramalama Bang Bang



My all time favorite ::sniffle:: – the impeccable Travis and Heidi in Bench

*Fun Fact: I actually wrote my grad school entrance essay about the show (sort of) and it got me in so…

**I’m a tiny bit obsessed with Travis Wall and his choreography is ah-mah-zing. I wish his reality show had been better, I really wanted to like it but alas.

***Pet Peeve: The proper phrase is “I could not care less” meaning there is nothing you care less about. Websters (or whoever) has decided that due to popular usage, “I could care less” is also correct. But they are wrong. Wrong. Wrong!


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