Bookworm – April 2013

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April 30, 2013 by rachelcmann

This was going to be a short post because I’m in the middle of moving but then I dug into my mom’s library bag and found all kinds of good stuff!

The Nerdist Way – Chris Hardwick – I bought this book awhile back, read the first section (of three) and then put it down. And then the other night I ripped through the rest of it. Chris Hardwick is a juggernaut these days in the TV/Nerd/Tech sector. I like Hardwick a lot, I often listen to his podcast, and I appreciate his openness about his life and insecurities. The book is kind of a how-to-live manual for those of us that nerdy OCD types. There’s some really good advice even if you don’t fall into that category and I think Hardwick gets his point across, chase your dreams, work hard and don’t try to be something you’re not.

Archangels Storm – Nalini Singh – I actually had to go to Amazon to try and figure out the actual title. Singh has written a series of fluffy sci-fi romance novels based on angels and they start to blur together. The books are light and easy to read, and there is some cross referencing with the other books but I like the Marjorie Lui ‘Dirke and Steele’ books better.

Second Grave on the Left – Darynda Jones – I actually only stumbled on this because I was at my parents house and my mom was reading it. I was only nibbling at the bait on the first book but now I’m totally hooked!

Third Grave Dead Ahead – Darynda Jones – Man, these are a breeze to get through. The second one is still my favorite.

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet – Darynda Jones – These are starting to get a tad repetitive but the end of this one opened the author up to some great options for continuing the series (I know there’s a fifth one at least). At some point though the major story arc is going to have to resolve itself and then what?Graceling

A Cold Day for Murder – Dana Stabenov – I read a short story based on the Sherlock Holmes canon by this author featuring her lead heroine in this series about an Alaskan investigator. The detail she includes about the life in the boondocks of Alaska is…detailed. Sometimes too much, long paragraphs describing a house, with almost no description of the people. It’s an interesting take on the murder mystery genre though, reminds me a bit of Nevada Barr’s series which I happen to like.

Fire – Kristin Cashore – I’m not gonna lie, I can’t really keep track of who’s who and what they’re doing with this series because the books don’t necessarily relate to each other. In fact, this book has almost nothing to do with Graceling or Bitterblue. There are enjoyable stand alone books though, and that’s enough for me.  And keep tissues handy, I was a bit teary at the end.

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