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April 24, 2013 by rachelcmann

This is truly horrifying. Like, they could make a horror movie off this. “Based on a true story.” Truth is stranger than fiction. ::shudder::

This mini-interview with Martin Freeman for The Hobbit has me busting at the seams. It’s slightly NSFW, but his face at around 2:20…I just can’t. So good.

I use ‘frak’ constantly. Especially since I just finished the series again. It’s the same as saying ‘fudge’ right? Sci-Fi Swear Words

Is Heroes the new Incredible Hulk? Can we please wait at least a decade before rebooting things? Seriously, there are new ideas in the world that people can embrace.

Well this hits a little close to home doesn’t it!? (PS – Just hire age appropriate actors, that age makeup is terrible!)

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