Everything Else – A Theory About the New Companion


April 16, 2013 by rachelcmann

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor


I was talking to a friend about Who, who had seen the original series but hadn’t caught up on the new version, and therefore had no dog in the fight about Tennant v Smith or Pond v Oswald. (Nevermind the whole River Song thing).


I’m a big fan of the 10th Doctor, Tennant has a charm that is hard to beat. But Matt Smith has held his own, coming in after a much beloved doctor he had an uphill battle. There are times when I think he is too much like David Tennant, that their portrayals aren’t separate enough, but his goofiness and hats have one me over.


Now, about Amy (and Rory) and Clara. We loved Amy. LOVED Amy (and Rory), most of us are not really sold on Clara yet. (Besides my question of Wasn’t Donna impossible too?) Clara is too cheeky yet too sweet, if that makes any sense. But here’s my theory – we grew to love Eleven and the Ponds together. We started fresh with a new Doctor and a new companion (although if Tennant had stayed on another year Moffat still would have brought in Amy, how cool would that have been?). We could learn to love the new Doctor through the eyes of his companion. Now that we have made room in our hearts for Matt Smith, this new upstart has come in. It’s unfamiliar, the mythology surrounding her is mysterious and it’s going to take us awhile to warm up to her even though we’ve been exposed to several incarnations.


We don’t like change, and while any new companion would have a hard time gaining the audiences favor, there is a particular undercurrent of distaste for Clara. I don’t think it’s Jenna Louise Coleman‘s fault by any means, I think she’s doing a good job. I think it’s partially our grief of losing the Ponds forevermore, and our resistance to anything that might disrupt our beloved Doctor. And disrupt him she does! She is impossible and while the Doctor tries to figure her out he’s still got to save the world.


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