TV Fan – Battlestar Galactic (Reboot)


April 11, 2013 by rachelcmann

Some would say Battlestar is a right of passage for nerds everywhere. Along with Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who it is part of our cultural pantheon. I haven’t watched the original series, but I’m on my third or fourth viewing of the reboot.

In the past (or future depending on your point of view) BSG chronicles the lives of humans 250as they flee their home planets when the robots they created and banished reappear and slaughter them. That’s an oversimplification but hey, I have to leave some surprises! I tend to stall out in Season 3 but the whole series is worthwhile so if you find it difficult as well try to push through, you will be rewarded. Religion plays a big part in the show, a lot of rooted in Mormonism, which if you know anything about Mormon beliefs makes the show that much more fascinating. The very end of the show gets pretty heavy into the religious mythology, and personally I think it’s interesting regardless of your personal beliefs.

It’s not an easy show to watch. When the chips are down humanity can be downright awful to one another. These people are at war and there are only a handful of survivors. Like most apocalypse tales, it exposes the dark and light side of our nature. Almost no one is purely good or purely evil, even the “bad guys.” Characters that you love in the beginning of the series will turn on you, and those you can’t stand will endear themselves. Some are so downright creepy they make your skin crawl. Lots of characters die, and only some of them come back. Don’t get too attached.

The reboot took some major departures from the original, recasting some of the main characters as women and/or Cylons. Personally I think this makes a much more interesting show, especially as gender discrimination doesn’t seem to happen in this world. The choices we make as individuals do effect the greater world, and our community decisions effect the future. I’m not trying to make some grand statement about society, just to point out that even shows that take place on a spaceship can expose truths about our society. That’s what makes watching the show uncomfortable sometimes, and what makes it so good.

PS- This video of the show ala Friends tickled me pink!

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