Everything Else – Remembering the Source


April 9, 2013 by rachelcmann

We are constantly bombarded with images and information, and the issue I’m having lately (particularly in writing this blog) is remembering where I initially heard of something. Through an RSS feed I’ll see the same story in multiple iterations and can’t recall the source. Or, in the way that these things always happen, when I learn a new word or idea, that same word or idea will reappear at least twice more within a couple of weeks, cementing it in my brain. What doesn’t stick however is where I first learned that idea.

Piracy and plagiarism are huge problems, information and ideas flow freely across our world wide web at an incalculable speed. Well somebody probably calculates it, but it’s not me. At any given moment I’m part of the Internet sidewalk ballet bumping into people and thoughts from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs, YouTube and my own email. It is exceptionally easy to pass off one of those thoughts as my own. Or here, when I want to give proper credit, I am wracking my brain for keywords to help guide me back to that original article. So how do cite a source if you can’t remember it? Or how do you prove that an idea is original?

I don’t really have an answer for you, just to say that I’m working hard to link back to my sources. To write down things I find interesting along with the author and source. To improve my memory on where I heard/saw that witty thing I want to share.

2 thoughts on “Everything Else – Remembering the Source

  1. Fred says:

    I’ve heard that Evernote is good for stuff like this. I haven’t tried it yet – I’m suffering from account registration fatigue, if that’s a thing – but supposedly it works like a scrapbook or file drawer for the internet. Sort of like Pinterest, but for more than just pictures of recipes and clothes. 😀

    • rachelcmann says:

      Thanks. I actually do use Evernote quite a bit, but I’m not great at saving ideas, just articles to read later and whatnot. You should try Evernote though, it’s a pretty powerful tool.

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