Movie Lover – Shaun of the Dead

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March 29, 2013 by rachelcmann

I actually watched this a couple of days before I read Simon Pegg‘s autobiography, which was great because his references in the book actually made sense.

Cover of "Shaun of the Dead"

I’m not generally a horror movie fan. I’m terribly squeamish and I don’t like to be scared. I can generally handle joke scary movies like House of Wax (that was supposed to be a joke right?). But any movie where things jump out at me is a no go. I barely scraped through Cabin in the Woods. I must have watched the whole thing through my fingers.

Anyway, back to the movie at hand, Shaun of the Dead. As a send up of zombie movies from an earlier age, this movie is really fun. Yeah, there are some blood and guts, actual literal guts, ewww. It’s not The Walking Dead, although they are the same slow swarm zombies. This movie is a bit more camp and although almost everyone dies, there isn’t all the drama. Well, there’s a little bit of drama, otherwise it wouldn’t be a very good movie now would it? I love the relationship between Shaun and Ed, true friendship beats all odds!


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