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March 23, 2013 by rachelcmann

English: Intertitle from the The CW television...

English: Intertitle from the The CW television program Nikita (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In reviewing the CW line up, and really the line up of everything on TV I’m struck by how many things aren’t original. They are remakes or based off of books or BBC shows. The handful of things that are original struggle to find an audience since they don’t have the benefit of a built-in audience from its creator. Anyway, on to this remake of a remake of a something etc.

The CW‘s Nikita is watered down in some ways, taking out a lot of the sex and adding back in some extra violence. The show is essentially about a secret government organization that takes lost souls and turns them into killing machines. Then they go out and get their hands dirty so that the people in the white houses can keep their hands clean. It is rife with corruption and deceit. Don’t trust anyone. Nikita is rogue, and infiltrates Division with an agent of her own. And then lots of things blow up, people die, people fall in love, lots and lots of bullets go flying. You know, like they do.

It’s certainly not my favorite show, but I keep watching it because it continues to surprise me. You would think I could predict where it’s going as some plot turns seems to obvious lead to a four lane highway of spy clichés. But then there’s an off ramp and away we go. The eye candy for those of either persuasion doesn’t hurt. I think my thirteen year old self did a dance when both Shane West and Devon Sawa were cast because OMG genre mashup fan fiction heaven! Maggie Q delivers a subtle performance week after week. And if you haven’t already noticed, Alex (played by Lyndsy Fonseca) is also the daughter you see once in a blue moon on How I Met Your Mother.

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