Comic Con – Wizard World – Portland


February 27, 2013 by rachelcmann

So if you’re a geek you’re at least aware of the phenomenon of cons. There is the mother of all cons in San Diego, and most major cities have at least one. Several shows and genres have their own cons as well. Personally, I’ve never been to one, until this weekend. I was actually working the event but I got to meet a lot of people and go out on the show floor at the very end. I even laid eyes on a few celebs!

Chris Hardwick of The Nerdist has talked before about the new hierarchy of nerddom. What used to be a clan of people banded together by being outcasts, we now cast out our own. There is an elitism, we look down upon our own. I have to admit, I’ve looked at people who spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours building a costume and paint their whole bodies a color not found in nature. I thought I was somehow better than the people who go to Cons. But I’m not, I’m just different. And this elitism is a big problem but more than that, the line between nerd, jock, bookworm, goody two-shoes, delinquent, class clown, etc has become very blurred. People aren’t just one thing. This weekend I worked side by side with someone who is a true blue jock, but has a Batman costume in their car.

All the cosplay was great fun, and inspired me to develop my own costume (just in case I go to one of these again). The people were (98% anyhow) genuine and kind and so happy. I got to take a picture of and with the car from Supernatural, which is my favorite show! So having my Con cherry popped was great fun and I do recommend it if you’ve never been to one before. TIPS :Be prepared to stand in line (a lot) and bring a bag to carry things in (snacks, swag, stuff you buy, etc). Don’t be intimidated by the intensity of some of the costumes and the sheer volume of comic books and tee shirts. Maybe go to the panel of a favorite celeb. Bring cash and print out ANY tickets you pre-purchase, just to be safe. Just have fun.


One thought on “Comic Con – Wizard World – Portland

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