One Thing At A Time


February 10, 2013 by rachelcmann

Lately I’ve been working on giving my full attention to the media I’m engaging. Whether it’s a YouTube video or a TV show, focusing solely on that image until it is over. Not flipping through a magazine or playing a game on my phone or researching something else in another tab. It’s incredible how much more I see when I do this.


Now that I’m paying more attention to things, even shows that I’ve seen before, I have felt a sort of calm come over me. Studies are starting to show that multi-tasking is anti-productive and that we need to embrace uni-tasking. Could the same benefits be reaped in our leisure time? After a couple of weeks of consciously choosing my focus I would say yes.

This practice has also had the unexpected side effect of making me more selective about my media. Is this sitcom worth 24 minutes of my full attention? When it was 24 minutes of background noise it was fine, but now I expect more. There may still be 70 odd some things in my hulu queue, but that is getting pared down a little more every time I decide to stop watching a show. It’s my own personal version of shows being on the bubble or getting cancelled. Which is subsequently freeing up more time to focus on other things entirely like going to the dog park or writing or yoga or whatever. Being mindful and present, even in my free time is bleeding into everything I do and I believe its making me a better consumer as well as a better creator.

One thought on “One Thing At A Time

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