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February 4, 2013 by rachelcmann

Michael Swaim and Katie Willert from Cracked.com in an episode of After Hours

Part of the impetus for this blog is my rapid consumption of the web series After Hours from Cracked.com. Four of their writers get together and dissect some aspect of pop culture. Usually something you’ve never really considered before, like which commercial universe you would want to live in, or the shift of vampires from evil doers to teenage heart throbs. Plus it’s hilarious.

I think it also serves to prove a point that pop culture is intellectual and does not turn people into mindless drones. The conversations often refer to larger ideas in politics or religion, though it steers clear of getting in too deep. I’ve watched each episode multiple times (this one is my favorite) and they each make me think about my culture, preferences and beliefs in a new way.

Soren Bowie and Daniel O’Brien from Cracked.com in an episode of After Hours

As a fan of nearly all things scifi/fantasy/TV/movie/book/pop culture related I find myself wanting to join in their conversation. I wish I were smart or clever enough to add value to these roundtables (to be fair to myself these episodes are scripted so it’s not like I would have to brilliant and witty without any prep). I wish my real life friends were as interested in pop culture as I am so we could have conversations similar to these. And while that may sound pitiful, I think these little web shows are making me smarter and more motivated to pursue ideas that I want to chase after like writing this blog; like thinking critically about the media I choose to watch or read; like looking at PhD programs in cultural studies.

In watching these “internet comedy nerds” (their words, not mine) I find myself wanting to be a person who acts on their dreams rather than waiting for something to happen to me. These folks didn’t go to school to learn about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they developed theories and created a career around something they are passionate about. They didn’t wait for someone else to provide a path, they carved their own.

*It’s possible I’m giving a couple of twenty-somethings too much credit, but I am in awe of their rhetoric and dedication.



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