Movie Lover – Skyfall

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January 31, 2013 by rachelcmann

Spoilers Ahead!

I’m a Bond fan, it’s a toss-up for me between Connery and Brosnan. I do appreciate the extra humor that Craig brings though. Before watching Skyfall the thing I’d heard about it most though was the outrageous product placement and the outrage that Bond would drink a Heinekin instead of his traditional shaken martini. Which I actually don’t even remember seeing in the movie so way to go! Let’s just say expectations were fairly low.

*How come the motorcycles they steal never run out of gas? Anyhoo, lots of the good ole suspension of belief (and physics) for the action fan in me. I think the bit that threw me the most was when after half a cocktail the Bond girl is a) not surprised and b) totally into it when Bond shows up in her shower on a boat she didn’t think he boarded. It was a tiny bit creepy…okay, a lot creepy.

An Aston Martin DB5 as seen in Goldfinger. Exp...

Aston Martin DB5

I drooled a little when Bond debuted that shiny Aston Martin DB5! Broke my heart to see them blow it up, although it must have still had some bullet proofing because it lasted a looong time. And while at first I was distracted by how awful Javier Bardem looked as a blonde, I was actually really impressed by the subtlety of his performance. I will say that the appearance of the parents graves suggests that the fan theory of “James Bond” being a code name given to all 007s is not going to pan out. I liked that theory though. It helped make the different actors and long life of the franchise a teeny tiny bit more plausible.

I think I heard somewhere that Daniel Craig is signed on to do another couple of movies, so in five years the jokes about his age will have extra impact. I also heard somewhere (sorry, that’s how information happens these days) that Adele wrote the song in about ten minutes while on her way to record it. Which she did in under five takes. Now I like Adele, but the song doesn’t make a ton of sense lyrically and even less when related to the plot of the film. I’m actually not sure how someone could write a ballad about blowing things up but I’m sure the Internet has come up with something.


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