What I Would Wish For…

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January 23, 2013 by rachelcmann

Do you make wishes? On shooting stars? On birthday candles? Holding your breath through tunnels?

Do you imagine rubbing a genie lamp and having that smoke pour out to deliver three wishes? Do you know what you would wish for if you knew that wish would come true?

Aside from money and love and fame and health and more wishes I mean.

One thing that would be on that list for me is the opportunity to see my favorite TV shows and movies again for the first time. To rediscover them with fresh eyes. What would I love about Doctor Who or Firefly if I saw it now for the first time instead of five years ago? I don’t think my affection would be any less, but I wonder how those episodes would affect the present version of myself without knowing that Mal survives in Out of Gas, or that the 11th Doctor would be just as endearing as the 10th.

That feeling of discovery of something that transcends time and holds a deeper meaning. It’s precious and every time I start something new I hold my breath in anticipation for the moment when my eyes are gritty with the words and images in front of me because I haven’t stopped to sleep.

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