Bookworm – Here, There Be Dragons by James Owen


January 16, 2013 by rachelcmann

Recently I discovered Here, There Be Dragons, the first in a series by James A Owen. The story is well told, the action keeps moving and there are enough surprises that I stayed up too late to finish the book instead of sleeping. ::hand me that coffee will you?::

The mythology is a blend of stories and tales (which I love) based around cartography of imaginary places. I know maps don’t sound exciting, but traveling is! Our band of heroes are plucky and misguided and have their hearts in the right place, just like good heroes should.

Added bonus, the book made me laugh out loud in spots which is great for startling my dog (and myself, can’t lie). There are great crossovers with other scifi/fantasy favorites and good research. Plus it’s the only young adult book I’ve read lately that a) is about actual adults and b) doesn’t have a super angsty love story thrown in. (Full disclosure, there is a love story but it’s more grown up.) The deeper you get into the story the more connections and cross references appear and it’s kind of a mind bender.

Gah! I want to go into more detail but the surprise ending is the best part! So just read it so we can talk about it.

3 thoughts on “Bookworm – Here, There Be Dragons by James Owen

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